Lt. William Sutherland
Battalion Company
His Majesty's 38th Regiment of Foot

  • Volunteered to be a part of the expedition - his company remained in Boston that day.
  • Was detached to the North Bridge as part of that detachment and received a wound there
  • Made note of the area near Meriam's Corner twice on that day, once on the march into Concord and again as they left.

Lt. Sutherland was a younger officer who volunteered for the expedition to Concord. He was assigned to the 43rd Light Infantry Company under the command of Capt. Walter Laurie. However he was unknown by the men of the 43rd Light Company, and many of us can probably sympathize with the predicament this posed. At the North Bridge Sutherland urged men of the 43rd to follow him into an open pasture, however those men were skeptical as they felt safe with their company in the relative seclusion of a walled road. Being exposed in an open field, following a stranger would understandably make these men uncomfortable so only three men followed Sutherland. This of course left Sutherland exposed in that field and he received a wound by a shot across his breast. He was described as being in great pain, and Ensign Lister did not believe that Lt. Sutherland would survive the day. Being so severely wounded Sutherland was placed in a cart for the march back to Boston, and for the remainder of the day was lying on his back in this cart.

So as you look at the maps and then see Lt. Sutherland describing a hill off to his right, it is important to remember that Sutherland is facing the opposite direction of the men who are marching. He dsecribes a height off to his right hand and this is referring to the ridge that is actually to the left of the British column, but lying on his back Sutherland would describe this height to his right.

Sutherland ended up surviving the day and made a full recovery as best as we can tell. This account, in its entirety, can be found at this link:

You will need to scroll down a bit in order to get to the diary. This is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) transcription so there are mispellings, but you can certainly ascertain the context of the entire entry.