Capt. William Soutar

  • Soutar was the commander of the Light Infantry company of the British Marines
  • This information was written soon after as a report on the events of April 19, 1775, written on April 22-25,1775.
  • The only reference we have to Capt Soutar's account is from a book called Bloodybacks, however his entire account is allegedly in the Massachusetts Historical Society archives

This account, which was a letter addressed to "Sir" and being sent from "Headquarters" appears to be an official report of the engagement to a superior officer, presumably to Lt. General Thomas Gage. Though it probably gives as many facts as remembered by Capt. Soutar it must also be remembered that Soutar is also trying to shed blame for the incidents of that day. In addition, Souter was listed amongst the wounded in General Gage's report of April 19, 1775. It is unclear if he continued in his role as captain of the British Marines Light Infantry through the remainder of the Siege of Boston, though it is certainly possible he recovered and remained in command. The full copy of this letter can be found in the library at Minuteman National Historical Park.