Amos Barrett - Corporal, David Brown's Minute Company of Concord
Saw action that day at the North Bridge, and along the Battle Road

  • Barrett wrote his account many years later, but many details match up with the accounts of several other participants.
  • Encountered the column twice that day at Meriam's Corner, in the morning on the march into Concord and in the afternoon on the march to Boston
  • Does not specifically mention who fired first, but alludes to the advantage of the Provincials' position and that since they held a stronger position were able to do much damage to the column of Regulars

Amos Barrett's account of April 19 is one of a man who, though aged, remembers vividly the details of what he believes to have transpired and provides us with the insight of what would be considered a commoner in new England at the time. His entire account speaks of him as a member of a company and as such was not someone who was in a position to make decisions. Rather he followed his company and this company was clearly eager to defend their homes in Concord. Barrett speaks about many of the same details as his contemporaries such as the location being a mile and a half outside of Concord Center and the hill overlooking the edge of town.

In addition Barrett speaks about being "after" the Regulars. The interpretation of this is difficult though it would seem to be that he is insinuating that the Regulars are being chased out of Concord and that when they arrived at Meriam's Corner the Provincials had already begun assaulting the Regulars from all angles. He does not mention any Provnicial casualties but does refer to the British dead and the bloody mess they leave behind on the road. Does he leave some doubts as to who fired first? Of course, but it can be surmised that he does not believe the Regulars were able to defend themselves successfully.