Lt. William Sutherland

Volunteer from His Majesty's 38th Regiment of Foot

Letter written by Sutherland to British commander in chief Thomas Gage, dated April 26, 1775.

On the march out to Concord at about 8:30 in the morning:

"On our approaching Concord we saw upon the heights what appeared to me to amount to 12 or 1500 people, on which we halted…to make a disposition to go up the hill… which we did…still as we marched on they retreated…but the main body of them kept still together till they retreated over the Bridge beyond Concord..."

On the return march to Boston at about 12:30 in the afternoon:

"On our being joined by all partys & the Wounded Officers put into two one horse Chairs we marched from Concord, just at the end of the Town next to this a few Concealed Villains fired on us, of which we killed 1, but they wounded 1 of
ours, here I saw upon a height to my right hand a vast number of Armed men drawn out in Battalia order, I dare say near 1000 who on our coming nearer dispersed into the Woods & came as close to the road on our
flanking partys as they possibly could, upon our as-cending the height to the road gave us a very heavy fire,..."

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Lt. John Dutton, 38th Regt, Duke of Meldrum