Amos Barrett

Capt. David Brown's Minute Company

One of two Concord Minute Companies

Part of a letter written in 1825, recounting his experiences on April 19, 1775

On the British march to Concord:
"Before sunrise thair was I beleave 150 of us and more of all that was thair. --We thought we wood go and meet the British. We marched down to ward L about a mild or mild half and we see them a comming, we halted and stayd till they got within about 100 rods then we was orded to about face and marchd before them with our drums and fifes agoing and also the B. We had grand musick. We marched into town..."

On the British retreat from Concord:
“After a while we found them a marching back toward Boston, we was soon after them. When they got about a mil half to a road that comes from Bedford to Bildraa (Billerica?) they was way laid and a grait many killd when I got their a grait many lay dead and the road was bloddy..”

amos barrett his horn.jpg
The powder horn carried by Amos Barrett, 1775