Thaddeus Blood

Capt. Nathan Barrett's Militia Company

One of two militia companies from Concord on April 19, 1775

Thaddeus Blood recounted what he remembered from April 19, 1775 in a letter written in 1825.
On the British march to Concord:
"...About 4 o'clock the several companys of Concord were joined by two companies from Lincoln. The malitia commanded by Capt. Perce...we were then formed, the minute on the right & Capt. Barrett's on the left . & marched in order to the end of Meriam's Hill then so called. & saw the British troops a coming down Brook's Hill. The sun was arising & Shined on their arms & they made a noble appearrance in their red coats & glising arms - - we retreated in order, over the top of the hill to the liberty pole erected on the heighth opposite the meeting house & made a halt..."

On the British retreat from Concord:
"...After the fire every one appearred to be his own commander it was thot best to go to the east part of the Town & take them as they cam back each took his own station, for myself I took my stand south of where Den. Minot then lived, & saw the British come from Concord their left on the hill when near the foot of the hill, Col. Thomeson of Billerica came up with 3 or 4 hundred men and there was a heavy fire but the distance so great, that little injury was done on either side, at least I saw but one killed. number wounded I know not. - - I know it has been said that Genl Bridge commanded the Regiment from Chelmsford & Billerica he might be some officer in the Reg. But it can be easily proved that Col.Tomson went with the Regt to cambridge & stodd till the troops was organized. & bring old Bridge was made Col..."

Thaddeus Blood Probate Record
Probate Record of Thaddeus Blood from 1832 recounting service during the American War for Independence (click picture for complete record)