Thaddeus Blood
Private in Capt. Nathan Barrett's Militia Company of Concord
Saw action at the North Bridge and along the Battle Road on April 19

  • Encountered the Regulars twice at Meriam's Corner that day
  • Speaks of the Chelmsford and Billerica men beginning the attack
  • Was in a position about 1/4 mile away from the corner when the fighting began
  • Infers that it was the 3-4 hundred men from Billerica and Chelmsford descending upon the column which started the firing - and it could also be further implied that it was those men whom he thought were from Chelmsford and Billerica who started the fighting.

Thaddeus Blood had been at the North Bridge and was one of the men who decided that it would be best to again meet the column as they left Concord. He was very fervent in his desire to see that Col. Thomson (of Chelmsford) receive credit for beginning the attack on the British at Meriam's Corner. Therefore it would be safe to infer that he believed those men who began the firing were in the mind of Blood doing the right thing and firing first into the column of Regulars. This group of men however could still be the Reading men as they were in fact part of the regiment that Lt. Col. Thomson commanded - he serving under the same Col. Bridge that the Reading companies were serving. In addition if Blood's figures of "3-4 hundred men" is to be trusted, this would represent the approximate number of men in that regiment. In addition we know that the Chelmsford and Billerica companies were spread into the meadows to the east of the Reading men, meaning that if Blood were situated down near Deacon Minot's house he would have been closest to the Billerica and Chelmsford men and would have seen Lt. Col. Thomson leading his men there.