Ensign Jeremy Lister

Volunteer, Light Infantry Company, His Majesty's 10th Regiment of Foot

From his diary written in 1782, reprinted as The Concord Fight, The Narrative of Jeremy Lister

"On Capt. Parsons joining us [we] begun our march toward Boston again from Concord. The Light Infantry marched over a hill above the town, the Grenadiers through the town, immediately as we descended the hill into the Road the Rebels begun a brisk for but at so great a distance it was without effect, but as they kept marching nearer when the Grenadiers found them within shot they returned their fire. Just about that time I received a shot through my right elbow joint which effectually disabled that arm. It then became a general firing upon us from all quarters, from behind hedges and walls…”


Lt. James O'Calaghan, 10th Regiment of Foot